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Complete Social Video Marketing and Influencer Growth Management

You have worked hard to develop your brand. You have put blood, sweat, tears and time into your business. By now you know that quality video has taken over as the most credible source of social media and brand marketing content and has the ability to take any business, brand, product or person to world class status. Just like most businesses large and small, you probably noticed the trend toward video over the last few years. You may have even attempted to produce some videos on your own or with a production company, only to have them fall short of your goals. That is where we come in. With over 100 million organic views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, we have developed a tested and proven strategy that we can implement into your video and social media marketing plan to take your brand to the next level.

Our expertise is in creating video and social media content that gets your brand in front of your intended audience with the intention of growing your brand, growing your influence and selling your services.


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In the one year we have been working with Raffiti, they have done remarkable things for our brand. Their videos are top quality and they know what they are doing when it comes to brand management.
— Jason and Neysa Otts - Ottsome Realty
I hit 600,000 subscribers and 65,000,000 total channel views in less than three years and it was because of Scott. YouTube is a learned skill and takes and expertise and knowledge that only Scott was able to help me discover. I wouldn’t have started let alone be where I’m at if it wasn’t for his guidance and encouragement.
— Denver Moore - That Denver Guy, YouTube Channel
Raffiti is great - they seek to understand our specific needs for our videos, work promptly and professionally, and always deliver quality.
— Arthur Persen - Petersen Games
Scott has been a huge help to me and my YouTube channel! He has given me some incredible insight from his years of first hand YouTube experience. After putting his specific recommendations to the test, some of my videos as much as DOUBLED in views, which translated to a significant increase in revenue as well.
— James Springer - James, Freeman Youtube Channel


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When we represent our clients, we are representing their brand. Our professional standards are top notch and our team will work hand in hand with yours to create a voice that is right for your brand. We always have our client’s best interest in hand and promise to do our best for you.

About Us

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Raffiti Media…

…was founded in 2017 by Scott and Camber Simson. After years of being a professional social media creator and digital influencer, Scott wanted to share the knowledge he learned building his own brand with others who were in need of social media marketing help. Scott and his team have produced over 100 million organic views and amassed hundreds of thousands of followers with their social media strategies.