It’s time to take your brand to the next level with

It’s time to take your brand to the 
next level with

Just like most businesses large and small, you probably noticed the trend toward video over the last few years. You may have even attempted to produce some videos on your own or with an expensive production company, only to have them fall short of your goals. That is where we come in. 

Who we've worked with...

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What we do…

What we do…

Social Video Strategy and YouTube Management
With hundreds of millions of organic views to our name, we are experts in creating long term evergreen content strategy that grows brand awareness and drives automated traffic to our client’s websites and sales funnels.

Raffiti Media is a YouTube management agency and content consultancy. Our expertise is knowing how to impact an audience with organic video content for all of the major social platforms. Click here to learn more about our services.

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All initial consultations are free of charge. We want make sure we are a good fit for one another before we do business together. You are in good hands. 

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Our Promise

When we represent our clients, we are representing their brand. Our professional standards are top notch and our team will work hand in hand with yours to create a voice that is right for your brand. We always have our client’s best interest in hand and promise to do our best for you. 

About Us

About Us

…was founded in 2017 by Scott Simson. After years of being a professional social media creator and digital influencer, Scott saw a need for help with effective content marketing in small to medium sized businesses. Many companies are paying for a social media services from agencies that have little to no understanding of how to create posts that drive engagement. Scott and his team have help earn billions of organic views and million of dollars in revenue for their clients with their social media strategies.

Our Services

Raffiti Media is a YouTube management agency but we differ from our competition in a few key aspects. We have personally created videos that have produced over 120,000,000 organic views and hundreds of thousands of social media followers without spending a single penny on advertising. This experience gives us a unique ability to understand real organic growth strategy and focus on helping you create content for a highly specific audience who wants what you have to offer.

Our services are designed to cement your brand on social media, create an automated sales machine for your services and create a long term community of fans who turn into customers.
We like to keep things simple around here, so our business is structured into three tiers.

  Our Clients - Twin Home Experts

Tier 1: Social Video Consulting
If you know you need to be creating video content, or if you are already creating video for your brand but want some help designing an efficient and effective video strategy, we are ready to talk to you. Our social video consultants are made up of a specialized group of certified individuals who have experience in social media growth strategy, video strategy and marketing strategy on all of the major social media platforms. We would be more than happy to schedule a consultation with you to discuss your needs. 
This service includes the following:
  • A complete audit of your current efforts and a detailed 3 month social media blueprint for moving forward
  • Complete training on both front end research and film strategy as well as back-end SEO and paid marketing strategy.
  • ​12 weeks of ongoing consulting calls for strategy implementation
  • ​Optional monthly online mastermind sessions
  • ​Access to our private Facebook community 
Tier 2: Social Video Management
If you are wanting more hands on care, we offer a specialized management service designed to provide you a video strategy and manage the back end of that strategy. 
This service includes the following:
  • A complete audit of your current efforts and a detailed social media blueprint for moving forward
  • ​Topics, titles and keywords for all of your monthly videos
  • ​SEO, descriptions, tags, transcriptions and posting for videos
  • ​Strategic comment responding
  • ​Social media setup/auditing and correction, including art, YouTube channel key words and about page
  • ​Thumbnail design
  • ​Complete YouTube management
  • ​Optional back end funnel creation
  • ​Optional paid marketing campaign creation and management
Tier 3: Social Video Branding Suite
There are an elite few of you who have worked hard to establish your business and are now ready to explode your personal brand. This is where we can help you with our full suite of branding tools. We take on your entire social video strategy from video concept to show formatting, editing and social brand management. We will design and execute your entire social video presence and be the driving force behind your personal brand growth, so you can do what you do best without having to focus on your marketing.

For more information on any of our service, please contact us. 

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When you are ready for a consultation, let’s talk. We are not a high pressure marketing or SEO firm, in fact we screen our clients thoroughly before doing any business to make sure our relationship will be a good fit for one another. The success of our joint venture benefits both of us and we can’t wait to have a conversation with you.
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